Air Handlers

Air Handling Systems in Richmond, VA.An air handler is a vital part of your heating and cooling system. Whether you have a straight AC system or a heat pump, the air handler is the key component in regulating your home’s temperature. It is important your air handler and accompanying duct work are installed and sealed correctly, as improper installation and sealing can increase your energy bills drastically!

The size of the air handler is just as important as how it’s installed- in most cases, changing the size of the air handler by just 1/2 Ton can increase your SEER rating by 1-2 points!

In the past few years, HVAC manufacturers have made huge improvements to the quality and capabilities of their air handlers. By installing a “Variable Speed” air handler, you can further reduce your energy costs by better controlling when and how hard your unit runs, which also increases your unit’s life expectancy!

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