Furnaces and Coils

Furnaces are the most common residential heating system in the United States. AirRight Inc. installs and services all types of furnaces, including oil, natural gas, LP gas, and electric. AirRight Inc services and installs all of the major brands.

Furnaces-and-coils-with-AirRight-by-Hix-249x300A furnace is a forced-air system. Warm air is blown through a duct system to each room. Be foreit gets back into the furnace it passes through a filter, where dust and other small particles are trapped. A blower motor blows the filtered air through the furnace, and the air absorbs heat which is then cycled back to your home.

The majority of furnaces installed today are gas furnaces, with either natural gas or LP(Propane). With any furnace, it is imperative that your contractor ensures proper flue venting.You should also install carbon monoxide detectors in your home. Carbon monoxide is a colorless, odorless toxic gas. It can cause numerous health problems, even death.

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