Heat Pumps

Do You Know How Your Heat Pump Keeps You Warm?We are an authorized Trane dealer.

Heat pumps are the most common type of heating and cooling system in mild climate areas like Richmond because of their ability to keep your home warm in temperatures down to about 35 degrees. Today’s systems are much more energy efficient and advanced than was previously available. When looking at replacing your system, you should try to install an Energy Star rated heating and cooling system.

Heat pump installer in Richmond VAEnergy Star systems can be more expensive to purchase up front, but the cost difference will be paid back over time through lower energy bills. When buying new heat pump equipment, proper sizing and installation are just as important as the quality of your heat pump. Another important factor is the insulation and duct work in your home; if you have poor insulation and leaks in your duct work, even the most efficient heating and cooling system will not operate or maintain temperature properly.

Consider regular planned maintenance to maintain your heating and cooling system performance. Manufacturers recommend that you have planned maintenance performed on your system at least once a year.

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