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You are probably thinking – “Why worry about getting a new heating and air conditioning system? Our old system works just fine.”

HVAC Company that installs heat pumps in Midlothian, VAThis may be true. However, older, less efficient heating and cooling systems were designed with one goal- to heat and cool your home. Today’s technologically advanced systems perform these tasks and many more, while using noticeably less energy and making less noise. There are countless options available for you to customize your perfect system, including:

  • Furnaces that are 95% efficient;
  • Units that have low, medium and high speeds for superior comfort and savings;
  • Air conditioners that adjust based on mild day temperatures and hot day temperatures;
  • Systems that are environmentally safe;
  • Units that can filter up to 99.98% of the air we breathe.

When considering a full system replacement, remember to select a knowledgeable contract or who places as much emphasis on your system and duct design as on the equipment itself. With correct duct design and airflow, your home will reach a whole new level of comfort you didn’t know existed!

We offer a variety of products for your home that will keep you comfortable year round. We back our installations with a worry free guarantee to give you the relief in knowing that your new system will perform as efficiently as possible.

Air Cleaners – A system that includes an electronic air cleaner can remove up to 95% of unwanted pollutants from the air passing through it.

Air Conditioners – In new HVAC systems, replacing your old unit with a new Energy Star rated system can save you up to 20% of your current cooling (and heating) costs!

Air Handlers – By installing a “Variable Speed” air handler,you can further reduce your energy costs by better controlling when and how hard your unit runs!

Furnaces and Coils – Majority of furnaces installed today are gas furnaces, with either natural gas or LP (Propane). You should also install carbon monoxide detectors in your home.

Heat Pumps – When looking at replacing your system, you should try to install an Energy Star rated heating and cooling system.

Humidifiers – AirRight humidifiers maintain humidity in your home by producing steam in the lines and filtering – while using up to 70 percent less water than standard humidifiers!

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